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It’s not hard or harmful to say ppl with vaginas instead of “women”. It’s more inclusive. Is it rly so fucking hard to say a few extra words? Oh ppl give u weird looks? Poor baby that must be so fucking hard to deal with. I’m a person too. I’m not a woman. I’m not female. I’m dfab. And there are also the faab ppl too. Are we not ppl because we don’t conform to your fucking shit? Are we not ppl enough to make the extra effort??? Edit: this was made targeting a specific post. The same thing goes for dmab and maab ppl. Saying “person with a penis” is not hard. It should not be played off as hard. Being inclusive is not hard, however uncomfortable it may make you feel. Get over it.

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    buddy were you even trying not to miss the point of this post
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    wow you have the fucking gall to tag this as misogyny? seriously i hate you so much and if words were swords i’d direct...
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    Thank you for clarifying that you don’t give a fuck about anyone but cis people.
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    Turns out women want to be seen as people rather than walking uteri. I guess that makes them whiney babies? Just… Wow.
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  6. zenjestrr said: I think almost all cis people don’t say “people with x organ” because they aren’t even aware of the fact that there is a difference between sex and gender and that even sex isn’t binary and stuff.