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yo can we not refer to people who think transagism, transethnicism, or transablism as social justice people???

hate to break it to you but those things go against social justice

  1. transethnic? it’s a product of racism, most often people who claim to be transethnic are white people wanting to be absolved of their privilege.
  2. i understand there is a mental disorder where a person feels like they should not have limbs, but that’s.. not transableism. furthermore, people who say they ~should~ have any kind of mental illness/disorder are fucking douchebags who have no idea how it feels and probably think it’s edgy and fun to be the subject of sanism and undergo shit like depression, schizophrenia, down syndrome, whatever else they claim they are *deep down inside*.
  3. transageism or whatever the fuck this is are special snowflakes who want to fucking jack the term trans so they can act like they are oppressed instead of saying “compared to other people my age i act much more like someone in younger or older age demographics”


Social justice is about fighting for the oppressed.

People who want to appropriate the term trans or try to absolve themselves of their privilege are not oppressed, they are oppressors.

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